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Leading product of Handao Chemical Industry is (Trifluoromethoxy)aniline, which won national patent of invention in 2015. It is developed based on world leading technique. And its quality has been improved greatly compare with former products.


All employees of Handao Chemical Industry have over 20 years of experience in scientific research, production and trading aspects in organic fluorine field. The product has been sold in over 20 countries and regions. It is major supplier of raw materials, including, indoxacarb, triflumuron, flucarbazone-sodium and hydramethylnon. Handao Chemical Industry has self-owned research center and trading company. The research center is Liaoning provincial level enterprise technology center.


The design plan of Handao Chemical Industry is divided into 3 stages, which has been listed in NDRC 3-year rolling plan project reserve library. Total investment of first stage project is 220 million Yuan. Designed annual production capacity is 2665 tons.


Handao Chemical Industry insists on the concept of innovative and green development. In project construction, we insist on scientific design, scientific planning, scientific construction and sustainable development. We strictly control each process in construction and production. And the most advanced sewage treatment method is adopted based on treatment policy of “diverting wastewater from clean water, rainfall-sewage separation”. Disordered exhaust gas is discharged after gas collection, filtration and adsorption.


Handao Chemical Industry emphasizes on environment and safety based on tenet of “people first, innovative development, mutual-benefit, green and environmental friendly”. We make great efforts for human health and beautiful life. And Handao Chemical Industry expects to make contribution to fluorine industry together with all colleagues. Our tenet is “take market demand as the direction, rely on scientific and technological innovation”.

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